F.A.Q. About Kodris

What is Kodris?
Kodris; is an online education platform created to teach coding to the level of primary and secondary school students. In this platform, there are to types of users: teacher and student. When logged in as a student, the user is directed to the scenes where the tasks need to be completed, and while solving these tasks, he learns the Python programming language with fun by the gamification method.
Which age group is proper for the Kodris platform?
It is designed to aim primary, secondary and high school students, but users of all ages can choose Kodris to learn to code.
Do I need to install any applications to use the Kodris platform?
You just need a computer with an internet connection to use the Kodris platform. You can use either an iPad or an Android tablet. Also, there is no need to install any applications.
What topics does Kodris include in coding education?
Think Like a Computer, Build the Algorithm, Objects and Movements, Auxiliary Objects, Variables, Arrays, For Loop, Auxiliary Methods, Conditional Statement If, Conditional Statement If Else, Conditional Expressions If Elif, Boolean Values, While Loop, Functions, Parameters, Comparisons, Mathematical Operators, Return Value, Error Debugging.
What are the technical specifications that should be available on my computer to run Kodris?
It can be used with current versions of internet browsers. Such as, for Windows users Google Chrome, for Mac users Safari.
What are the new content-features you intend to publish within the Kodris platform?
New tasks will be added continuously to teach our students how to code effectively.
Who developed the Kodris platform?
It has been developed by a young and expert staff consisting of education consultants, information technologies teachers, software developers, graphic designers who are the leaders of the field, under the consultancy of the relevant head departments of universities.
Can I run Kodris on mobile platforms? (Tablet, etc.)
The coding training platform is prepared for use on the computer screen. However, it can be used via internet browsers on tablets with a screen resolution of 1920X1080 and above.
Which coding language will I learn with Kodris?
We teach our coding new python language which has an easy-to-understand syntax to our new students. In this way, they will be able to develop many types of software.
Is there foreign language support in the Kodris platform?
Kodris platform offers English foreign language support at http://www.kodris.co.uk/ .

Questions in Use

What should I do to start using Kodris?
You can reach the Kodris Studio platform by clicking the "Start Coding" button at kodris.co.uk website. In our first mission scene, our character comes ready with the necessary codes for the rabbit to reach the carrot. You can complete the task by clicking the "Run" button. After the scene is completed, you can reach new scenes with the "Next Scene" option.
Can I use the Kodris platform even if I do not have any knowledge of coding?
When you start using Kodris, you don't need any prior knowledge about coding because our goal is to teach coding for those who start from scratch. You will be able to use all the information you need from Kodris.
Where can I learn the features of the characters on the Kodris platform?
The Kodris help page contains the names, pictures and key features of all our characters. By looking at the "Help" page, you can see the specialities of the characters you are trying to complete.
Where can I find out what the commands are used for?
You can find explanations of the commands through the "Kodris Dictionary" in Kodris Studio. You can also get support from the Kodris Studio Help Center. In the upper right corner within kodris studio (“?” Sign).
What is the meaning of the stars received after completing the missions? (What is “Three Star Application” used for?)
Kodris is a platform that aims to teach your students not only coding but also the solution by writing the shortest code. Your students should write the commands they wrote while completing the tasks in the shortest possible way. It should avoid unnecessary repetitions and long-term resolution. According to the results of the task solutions, if your students can do the solution in the most convenient way we have specified, they will earn three stars. While trying to reach the solution, they get two or one stars for the solutions applied except for the shortest path.
What should I do to shift between scenes?
If the coding was done correctly in the previous scene, you can proceed by clicking the "Next Scene" option, which will allow you to move on to the next scene. As you complete the scenes, you can move on to the next scene, so you cannot skip the incomplete scene and go to the next one. You can reach the tips for the solution by clicking on the Kodris character so that you can get help in the scenes you have difficulty with.
What is a block mode and code mode? What is it used for?
While teaching our students how to code, two modes are used that can work simultaneously. Thanks to the block mode, our students can use the commands they choose from the bottom left corner by the stage. Since they work synchronously, they can see the commands created in block mode and go into code mode and write the code. Likewise, they can see the block states of the commands created in code mode by switching to block mode. We recommend using block mode for beginners and guide students who complete the block mode easily to run through code mode.
Can I move on to the next scene if I can't find it hard to find a solution?
No, since our scenes have successive features, it is not possible to switch from one task to another. When the scenes are completed, you can go to the next scene by clicking the "Next Scene" button.
What should I do to get a clue about the solution?
You can get information about the task solution by clicking the Kodris character in the lower right corner of our task scene within the Kodris platform. The Kodris character will help you with tips for solving.
I can not go ahead after the 25th stage in the tasks on the site, why?
The first 25 scenes of the Kodris platform that we have prepared for our students and teachers are published free of charge on our site for all our users to experience Kodris. To reach the scenes that take place after the 25th stage, you should have a membership.
How can I calculate how many steps a character should proceed on the screen?
Our scenes in kodris are composed of frames. You can calculate the amount the character needs to proceed by counting the squares from the scene.
Can I turn off the background sound when completing tasks?
When completing scenes within the Kodris platform, the background sound does not have to be turned on. However, using it with the background sound provides focus when completing scenes. To turn off the background sound, simply click the "Settings" button and turn off the background sound. Instead of turning it off completely, you can change the background volume level on the same tab.

Questions on the Use of Teachers

Can I use Kodris to teach coding even though I have no experience before about coding?
To ensure that they have no problems while teaching coding, there is a teacher guide prepared for our teachers within the Kodris platform. Thanks to this guide, you will be able to reach the explanations about the subject to be covered in the lesson beforehand. There are explanations on the subject in the guide, sample activities that can be applied in the lesson and solutions for some scenes.
What are the tools you have prepared for teachers that will help during the lesson?
Thanks to the teacher guide we have prepared, you can find the opportunity to make preliminary preparation for the subject to be covered in the lesson. There are explanations about the subject to be covered in the course in our guide. Also, there are sample activities that you can apply in the classroom and sample assignments to be given at the end of the lesson. Apart from that, we have an online support service on our site where you can direct your questions. You can access it from the "Help" tab in the Teacher’s Panel.
What should I do to create a private class for my students in Kodris?
Thanks to the teacher screen that you can use when you log in as a teacher, you can create a class for your students and save them in the class you create. You can also monitor the signs of progress of students in your class using this screen.
How can I login to the special trial version for teachers?
If you log in as a teacher during your registration for the trial version, you will have a teacher account opened for you. When you log in using this account, you will have teacher privileges that you can use within the Kodris platform. With these privileges, you can create classes and access the top 25 scenes with the class you created. Besides, you can reach the teacher guide tailored for you for the first 25 scenes. There is a 30-day time limit for the teacher trial version.
How many scenes are there in Kodris according to your curriculum?
In our curriculum approved by Ankara University, which is prepared to cover all subjects, there are more than 20 topics and scenes tailored for each level.
How can I find solutions to the tasks in Kodris?
To reach the solutions of the scenes, you must be registered to the system as a teacher. After registration, you can find solutions for all the scenes from the platform after your institution purchases of license. In our solutions, you can see the correct answers prepared according to the code mode and block mode.
What should I do to remove a student I have added to my class?
You can remove the students that you have added to your created classroom using the teacher screen using the teacher panel.
What should I do to get a special membership to my school?
For special membership and detailed information about the school, you can contact us by clicking the "Get Offer" button on the main page of our site and entering the necessary information about your school.

Questions in the Purchase Process

What should I do to become a member of the Kodris platform?
You can become a member after clicking the "Sign Up" button at kodris.co.uk and filling in the required information.
How can I make the purchase?
For individual purchases, you can buy an annual membership by clicking the "Buy Now" button on our homepage and paying online. For corporate purchases, you can contact us by clicking the "Get Offer" button on the main page of our site and entering the necessary information about your school. You will be offered an offer as soon as possible.
What ways can I use to pay the membership fee?
You can make your payment using a credit card or by wire transfer. You must contact us for corporate subscription payments.
Is it safe to pay by credit card?
The entire platform, including our payment page, is protected by 256-bit SSL data encryption security technology. Also, the user redirects to the payment page of the bank of his / her choice at the payment stage, which is the last stage in credit card purchases in our system. This page opens in a new window and the user shares all the information requested on this page directly with the relevant bank. Kodris.co.uk uses "3D SECURE" technology, which is accepted as the highest security technology of today, for credit card purchases. In this way, the user shares his credit card information only with the bank he/she chooses and makes the payment "over the bank-level secure payment infrastructure".
Where can I find the end date of my membership?
After logging into our site, you can see your membership end date in your membership information.
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